New Server Move Notice:

As you know, we recently upgraded our server to provide a better service.

There may be email delivery issues in the next few days due to the server change, we are working toward resolving these issues, contacting email providers explaining the situation, all this is was expected and it should be resolved within the next few days.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may have in your business, the change we made will ensure the server can respond to the high traffic that our previous server had become overcome with and also comply with the high standards our clients can expect from our service. Unfortunately, this is something beyond our control. 

We have been liaising with all major email providers in order to expedite the resolution of the matter (including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc.)

 Please let us know of any bounce backs or notices you get in your email service so we can address those appropriately.

Thank you for your patience,
Pro Hosting 365