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Pro Hosting 365 specializes in crafting native, hybrid, and interactive mobile applications tailored to the unique needs and challenges of businesses. We seamlessly bridge the gap across various platforms and devices. Our mobile interfaces are meticulously designed to communicate a visual language to your customers, harmoniously blending timeless design principles with cutting-edge technology.


Our mobile app development team offers cross-platform mobile app solutions utilizing the advanced capabilities of Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter frameworks.


Pro Hosting 365 offers services in iOS, Android, and Ionic App Development, specializing in creating native applications that are highly scalable and secure.


We construct both native and cross-platform mobile applications, incorporating advanced features such as IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, Chatbots, and more.


Pro Hosting 365 delivers top-tier strategy, design, and implementation of Enterprise Mobility solutions aimed at streamlining your business processes and helping you attain your growth objectives.


Pro Hosting 365 offers technical consultancy services to create a comprehensive requirements gathering plan that bridges the divide between business challenges and the end customer experience.


Our dedicated team setups offer pre-configured IT infrastructure for custom teams, which are deployed to work on ongoing projects and project-specific solutions, providing a ready-to-use environment.


Our iOS apps are designed to expand user bases, boost revenues, extend brand reach, enhance employee productivity, and increase conversion rates. Whether you have an idea, an existing business, or you’re an enterprise, we create iOS applications capable of solving real business challenges.

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  • 2. Product strategy
  • 3. Develop your application
  • 4. Submission on App Store
  • 5. Marketing & promotion
  • 6. Upgrade APP


Pro Hosting 365 specializes in crafting custom Android apps that harness the diverse capabilities of the Android OS, making it the most preferred mobile operating system. Our apps are designed to operate seamlessly across all Android devices, ensuring flawless performance.

We offer flexible pricing options and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) rates, along with a dynamic app development process aimed at achieving complete client satisfaction. Our team comprises professional Android developers with over 5 years of experience.

  • 1. Start a conversation
  • 2. Product strategy
  • 3. Develop your application
  • 4. Submission on App Store
  • 5. Marketing & promotion
  • 6. Upgrade APP

Mobile App Development Technologies

React Native App Development

Create cross platform mobile applications, using React Native, within a Node.js environment and communicate to the client side through a RESTful API.

Flutter App Development

Develop beautiful apps including support for geolocation,cameras, storage, network and more with Flutter. You can develop your applications for Android and iOS and Google Fuchsia.

IOS App Development

Develop IOS apps that will open the doors to a huge customer base who is now cross device functional and always on the go.

Ionic App Development

Create amazing cross platform web, desktop and mobile application on ionic framework which is a front end and open source SDK for creating hybrid applications for mobile.

Xamarin App Development

Create applications for iOS, Android and Windows on C# and .NET Framework with Xamarin that provides commercial software development tools which allows you to develop applications that can easily run across multiple platforms.

Android App Development

Develop a stable and secure android apps that will ensure error-free development of apps for end users and extend your reach with the power of “IoT”.


Pro Hosting 365 offers top-tier strategy, design, and implementation of Enterprise Mobility solutions that streamline your customers' ability to use service applications from their smartphones. Additionally, our solutions empower your sales employees and executives to access and input critical customer information while on the move through tablet apps.

Our apps are equipped with data synchronization capabilities, ensuring seamless access to information from various databases across mobile, desktop, and web platforms. We facilitate the migration from older legacy systems and proprietary solutions to modern mobile versions, enabling your business to stay agile and up-to-date.