On a dedicated server
Simple Plan
SAVE £15.89
£ 139.99 Per Year
Single Domain
1. Email Accounts
Limited Bandwidth
5 GB Of Storage
0. Subdomains
1. Daily Backup
Basic Plan
SAVE 31.89
£ 159.99 Per Year
Single Domain
5. Email Accounts
Limited Bandwidth
10 GB Of Storage
0. Subdomains
7. Daily Backups
Advanced Plan
SAVE £35.89
£ 239.99 Per Year
Single Domain
10. Email Accounts
High Bandwidth
40 GB Of Storage
2. Subdomains
10. Daily Backups
Premium Plan
SAVE £61.89
£ 369.99 Per Year
Single Domain
20. Email Accounts
Ultra High Bandwidth
60 GB Of Storage
5. Subdomains
14. Daily Backups

Pro Hosting 365 Advanced Features.

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Support for PHP 5.6, to 8.0
  • Pro Hosting 365 Control Cpanel
  • Full Unix Shell
  • Access to Raw Log Files
  • Crontab Access
  • Full CGI Access
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Access
  • IPv6 Support
  • Unlimited SFTP Users

Extreme Speed & Reliability.

We love the internet — a virtual smorgasbord of information, resources, and content. You should be proud to be a part of it. But to really make your mark, you need a good web hosting provider. But even with the web’s abundance of choice, all web hosts are not created equal. Pro Hosting 365 holds itself to the highest standard so your website can reach its full, top-performing potential. That means lightning-fast speeds and reliability, top-level tech, and always-a-priority customer support.